Company philosophy

Your problem is our problem, because we treasure every customer.

The Deflex Fugensysteme GmbH company has operated since being founded in 1950 as a family-run company, where customer satisfaction and proximity are the top priorities.

Our guiding principles:

  • We act while upholding values of trust, partnership and absolute reliability.
  • Being close to customers means everything to us.
  • We support our customers with expert and supportive assistance throughout all project phases.
  • We are continually receptive to our customers, no matter how challenging the requests.
  • We operate exclusively in partnership with our customers.
  • Individuality is guaranteed, while retaining quality at a reasonable price.

This philosophy is ingrained into each of our employees as second nature and appreciated by our business partners and customers. We strive for successful, long-term business and customer relationships which help us remain positive and reaffirm this concept.