BESA Racing

As well as obvious business commitments, the owner of the Besa group is also a confirmed motor sport fan. So Franjo Kovac founded his own racing stable, with three vehicles to start with, which emerge for exciting races at regular intervals. Both the regular drivers Kurt Thiim, Martin Tschonia and Roland and Sebastian Asch as well as guest drivers Cora Schuhmacher, Steffi Halm, Frank Schmickler, Jörg Hardt can never wait to get going.

The Audi TTRS tend to lead the way in all the races, while almost unbeatable in its class is the fledgling of the vehicle trio, the Mini John Cooper Works Challenge.

One absolute highlight as well as a great eye-catcher is the BMW E46 GTR Vl0, the sound and performance potential of which must not be underestimated.

The scope of specialist events includes among others the annual 24h race in Dubai as well as races at the Hockenheim and Nürburgring circuits, which are guaranteed to maximise anticipation and excitement among friends of Besa Racing.

The Besa group supports and funds a range of sporting competition and has had success in the Mini Challenge and the Special Touring car trophy.